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It's Tune-Up Time

Beat the rush, and get your bike ready for Spring

How often should I have my eBike serviced? 

The answer depends on the type of bike and how it is being used. Even the most conscientious rider will still put some wear and tear on their bike, which is why it is super important to have your bike serviced regularly.  We recommend a tune-up about once a year or after every 1,000 miles.  (It's a good thing that eBikes have an odometer!). 

Why 1,000 miles?

A stitch in time saves nine!  1,000 miles is around the length of time where certain wear items should be checked, and perhaps replaced. Regularly replacing minor components can prolong the life span of major parts. For example: The Chain, the key part of the drive train that transfers your pedal power into propelling the bike forward. Overtime, the chain will "stretch".  If the chain stretches past .75mm, it will start to wear down other components that it comes in contact with, like the chainring, cassette, and derailleur. These parts can last 4-5 times longer than a chain, but will need to be replaced prematurely if worn down by a loose chain. So, checking the chain regularly will save a ton of time, headache and money. 

Some bikes may require a little more attention. Mountain Bikes should have the suspension serviced after every 200 hours of riding. Now is a great time to beat the rush and bring your bike in for a tune up!

When should I have my eBike Serviced?

All though the amount of ride time is more important than the time of year when deciding when to bring a bike in for service, you'll want to beat the rush.

Since summer riding is more popular, that is when bike mechanics are at their busiest. Wait times on service can be 3 to 4 times longer than in the winter. So, if you don't want to miss the best riding days in summer, It's a good idea to bring your bike in during the winter or early spring.

What maintenance should I do between servicing?

Even for the mechanically inclined (let alone the mechanically un-inclined), eBike care can seem intimidating. But, there are a handful easy of things you can do at home to keep your eBike running smoothly.


Conscientious charging habits can double the life span of an eBike Battery.

  • Keeping the Lithium ion cells at a charge state of between 20% - 80% will significantly extend the life of the battery.  It's absolutely fine to charge to 100% before a ride, but it's best if the battery doesn't sit for a long stretch at a super high or low charge level. (the same is true of  your cell phone and lap top, by the way.)
  • For long term inactivity, get the battery to a charge state of around 50% and store in a dry, moderate temp location (between 45 -95 degrees F) out of direct sunlight.


 Even if the tire doesn't have a puncture, it will loose pressure over time. Check the recommend pressure that is embossed on the side of the tire (sometimes it's on both sides, but sometimes it's only on one side).  


The Drivetrain is made up of several components that transfer the pedal power of the rider into the rear wheel, causing the bike to move forward. 

  • If the drive train uses a chain, it will need to be lubricated regularly. There's no fixed amount of time required, it depends on how and where the bike is being ridden, but there are signs to look out for:  Making unusual noise when pedaling, clunky shifting action, polished looking pins between links, or grimy build up are all indicators that a chain needs to be lubricated.  
  • If the Drive train uses a belt, then lubrication is not required, but dirt and grime can build up in between the teeth. A damp brush is a good tool for keeping these gaps clean.

How should I clean my eBike?

Cleaning an eBike is the same as a non-electric bike with one important caveat: No High Pressure water!

Also most eBikes these days come with disc brakes.  It is important to keep these discs free of oil. That means, avoid touching with your hands, as oil occurs naturally on skin. The best way to clean the rotors is with 90% or above isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol).  

Here's a helpful video by Specialized about how to clean your eBike. 

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