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Redshift ARCLIGHT Bicycle Pedals with LED Lights

Redshift ARCLIGHT Bicycle Pedals with LED Lights
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The Arclight Pedals are the ultimate bike safety upgrade. The Arclight Pedals amplify your biological motion making you up to 57% more visible than standard bike lights. And you are not just more visible - you're recognizable as a cyclist. Powerful LEDs and long lasting rechargeable batteries ensure you will stand out and stay safe even on your longest ride.

Scientific studies performed by Clemson University* and others show that adding lighted bio-motion (motion that is associated with the natural movement of the human body) increases the visibility of your bike at night by up to 57% compared to standard front/rear lights.

The light modules turn on when they sense you have started moving, and turn off once you are parked.

SmartSet sensors dynamically change the LED color depending on orientation so you always have white light forward and red light rear.

The Arclight CITY pedals are made from rugged aluminum and employ high quality sealed bearings. The light modules are water and dust resistant to reliably work in all conditions.

These flat bike pedals use standard 9/16-inch threading which is compatible with all modern bicycles.


Arclight Pedal by Redshift

Introducing the Arclight USB rechargable automatic light up pedal.

Part Numbers

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